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10th March 2005

chopstik018:36pm: I was in the Fossil store today and saw that one of their shirts came in a color called "Chinese Yellow." Ouch. Would they dare offer a color called Mexican Brown or Ethiopian Black? I doubt it. I have written a formal complaint to the company. The color is also offered on their website.

See the shirt here

29th September 2004

elpeezee5:05pm: Bindlestiff Studio presents
"8.5 Stories High"

A bride gets wet feet on her wedding day. Lola's ghost comes to visit. Detective Shingles shakesdown a toy store. An awkward morning after. Packing a balikbayan box. A SoMa Cinderella.
Elicit love affairs! Corporate Balut?!

the 3rd annual culmination of Bindlestiff Studio's writing, acting, directing, and production incubators.
Come see 8.5 all new original works written and performed by the next generation of artists.

Thursday thru Saturday
September 30 - October1 & 2
October 7, 8, 9
$7-$12 sliding scale
all shows at 8pm

It's only a two week run! Space is very limited. Call now for reservations.

Bindlestiff Alley
505 Natoma St. @ 6th St. (between Howard and Mission)
San Francisco, CA 94103

8th September 2004

elpeezee12:47pm: FLIP DA SKRIPT: Homeland INsecurity
League of Filipino Students (LFS) of SFSU presents:



6:30 pm- 9:00 pm

@ Rigoberta Menchu Hall, located on the 3rd Floor of San Francisco
State's Ceasar Chavez Student Center

Flip Da Skript is a bi-semester open mic put on by LFS- SFSU to
allow folks to express themselves in a welcoming environment.
Everyone who attends is encouraged to grace the mic or just listen
and enjoy the vibe. Feel free to express yourself however you want,
regardless of the theme.

Irene "Shortyrocwell" and Lily "Dirtydot" from the Pin@y spoken word
group, 8th Wonder

Jo_Ill, local emcee straight out of the heart of the SF Filipino
Community in the South of Market District

Our theme for this Flip Da Skript is Homeland Insecurity. In this
post 9/11 era, talks of terrorism, war, death, fear, etc. fill our
everyday lives. The idea of a "secure" homeland is made to make us
feel safe. But as a progressive organization, LFS wants to remind
the public that behind this idea of homeland security, there are
many things going on that we don't see. Deportations, human rights
violations (at home and abroad), budget cuts, the PATRIOT Act, these
are all examples of how our rights aren't "secure".


LFS Open House: Sept 20

RING THE ALARM!!!: October 16

27th October 2003

liquidzer012:08pm: Visibility Week
For those of you in the OC/LA areas, the Tagalog and Pilipino Studies (TAPS) Kollective @ University of California Irvine will be having our Visibility Week, during the week of November 3-7. The purpose of this week is to show that there is a demand in our school to learn about the Pilipino Culture. We will be having an Open Mic event during the week, most likely on the 5th. This is just a message for any emcee's, poets, and spoken word artists, or just someone who has something to say. Sadly we can't offer any money, just a stage and a mic.

A little more info on our organization, TAPS is part of a greater coalition known as CCPS, Calilfornia Coalition for Pilipino Studies, and what we are working for is our right to learn about our culture and history in higher education. More info can be obtained at the website listed.


Thank you to those who reply.

1st October 2003

liquidzer08:54am: WOOPPIEEE

because ita hasa HALLOWEEEN

14th July 2003

itagasabato4:11pm: I heard that you had a voice.
Subject: Are You an Asian American Teenager?

For the first-time ever, the Workshop is producing a nation-wide YOUTH ANTHOLOGY! Call for Submissions Poetry and Artwork by Asian American Youth published by The Asian American Writers' Workshop Are you an Asian American teenager? Do you write poetry or create art? Want to get published? Well, here's you chance to share your voice with the world! We're on a mission to get our voices heard! Compiled and edited by young Asian Americans like you, this anthology will explore the contemporary Asian American experience by highlighting poetry and art from teenagers across the country. It's our opportunity to share what we have to say through our own individual styles of poetry and art.

We believe that everyone can write poetry and that everyone has his or her own unique story to tell. No one¹s voice should be overlooked, so send in your poetry and artwork! We're interested in ALL types of poetry and artwork on anything that has affected your life, no matter how trivial. We want to hear your perspectives on everything, from identity issues to the day-to-day frustrations of being a teenager. The poetry can be in any form: prose poetry, humor, free form, narrative, etc. Just create!
More info!Collapse )
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3rd July 2003

itagasabato6:54pm: Do it cuz it changed my life! It'll change yours, too! (If you live in CA)


Here’s the deal:

The state legislature is on the verge of deciding UC’s Outreach budget. If Outreach is not fully funded, Student Initiated Outreach is first on the list to get axed. There are 2 versions of
this budget. The Senate version only partially funds Outreach, but the Assembly version fully funds Outreach. Please FAX and CALL the Governor to urge him to FULLY FUND OUTREACH!

Its sooo easy! Attached is a fill in the blank letter (Thanks Peter Gee!) to fax.

When calling:
1) Identify yourself and organization you represent.

2) Say “I urge Governor Davis to support the State Assembly Version of the Budget which fully restores outreach funding.

3) Thank you.

Phone #: 916-445-2841

Fax: 916-445-4633

Honorable Governor Gray Davis
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
If it had not been for the Youth and Community Outreach Programs at UCR or the people who worked for the program, I would be naive about myself, my culture, and the issues Asian Americans and Asian American teens face in current society and what we went through in earlier society. Therefore, I encourage all those who believe in positive learning, cultural gain of any kind, and the power one person does to please call Gov. Gray Davis. It's one thing to cut back on educational funds, but to wipeout the outreach budget. There are hundreds of teens and young college students in California whose lives have changed through the API Outreach, Hispanic Outreach, African Outreach that UC campuses offer to them!! Outreach programs are a learning experience that should never be pased up!! Please support and save the Outreach budget!
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30th June 2003

elpeezee5:11pm: (Sorry this is so late)
For Immediate Release: 06.16.03
Contact: Anida Esguerra tel. 773.271.9531 fax 773.271.9538
www.wordfist.org anida@mangotribe.com


Chicago, IL – The Asian American Artists Collective-Chicago proudly presents the 2nd National Asian/Pacific Islander American Spoken Word and Poetry Summit to be held August 1-4, 2003, in Chicago, Illinois. Co-sponsored by the Hostelling International-Chicago and DePaul University’s Milewalkers, the Summit highlights the oral tradition of story-telling and poetry as a fundamental medium for creating culture, preserving history and transforming community. Over 175 people are expected to attend the four-day gathering, building upon the historic, inaugural event in 2001. The theme of the summit, "first there was the WORD...then there was the FIST!" underscores the need to build a progressive, national dialogue among APIA artists and community. "Gathering APIA artists together is in itself a political act," says Giles Li of spoken word group, re: verse. "The summit is a matter of the political content of our work being manifested in something that is positive and productive for ourselves as artists, and for our community as people. Every individual is always a work in progress, but the summit helps bring us one step closer to completion."

Incorporating workshops, showcases and regional meetings, the four-day Summit will prove to be challenging work for its participants. In emphasizing a true intergenerational dialogue, a special youth day is planned for the expected 60 teens attending and special invitations have been sent to many pioneering APIA artists. “The APIA Summit connects people, young and young at heart, who NEED to know each other,” says Summit co-coordinator, Jona Mercado. “This is an amazing experience where there are no bystanders. Everyone can walk away with a deep sense of community, and learn from each other in a safe space.”

Summit events include:
-- feature performances by Mango Tribe, Robert Karimi, Zero 3 and Isangmahal and more
-- master classes on poetry, performance storytelling, and playwriting
-- intensive workshops on artist and career management, art as an organizing tool, race as performance, multi-racial identity, and self-publishing
-- group and panel discussions facilitated by participating artists and organizations from across the country
-- an entire day devoted to APIA youth activities including group-building exercises, performance and writing primers, and youth-led workshops from Young Asians with Power (Chicago), GenerAsian Next (Philadelphia) and Spokes (Seattle)
-- a showcase highlighting work from all participants
-- a series of round-table discussions and "family meetings" to review and re-envision the state of Asian America as it pertains to the artist as activist, organizer and conscience in the community

As in 2001, the Summit will precede the National Poetry Slam, to be held August 6-9, 2003, in Chicago. Participants are encouraged to stay through the duration of the Summit and NPS 2003 to help support those APIA artists competing in the slam, and to contribute to the Asian American Showcase, an NPS sponsored day-activity.

Grass-roots efforts are already underway, with invaluable fundraising and support from Isangmahal Arts Kollective (Seattle), Proletarian Bronze (Bay Area), Balagtasan Collective (Los Angeles), Yellow Rage (Philadelphia), Luvjones Productions (Chicago) and Mongrel (Minneapolis).

Daren Mooko, Director of the Asian American Resource Center at Pomona College, declares, "poets and spoken word artists are truly the historians for the masses. The second APIA Spoken Word Summit will carve its place in history for being as an event where the history tellers and history makers will, yet again, move the masses and tell the stories."

For more information, contact Anida Esguerra, anida@mangotribe.com, tel. 773.271.9531. www.wordfist.org (will go live tonight at 12midnight!).

17th June 2003

liquidzer010:14pm: untitled
i need to sneeze now but i can't....dammit i lost it, well here goes

sometimes you fall in love
and they say it's the best thing in the world
i walk around and see them kats holdin their girls -
it kinda reminds me of a time when
nothin else seemed to matter
talkin with her on the phone hour after hour
well, how do you fall OUT of love?
i think that's a question we need to answer...

many days and nights i felt lonely
wantin someone to be there for me
wantin someone there to hold me
i never figured that i'd find her
right in front of my face
i knew i was blind, i knew that was the case
but still, i was glad that i met her
and i never knew, feeligs would ever develop
i never thought that i'd get her
but really she got me
cause i just couldn't see
how much our friendship had truely blossomed
things happen for a reason they say
and a lot can change within a day
especially when you're away
and that's how i got where i'm at
someone left behind in the dust
on a lone, cold, dirty path

life can turn around
it's filled with ups and downs
but i can still tell the sound
of you walkin into a room
i can still tell the smell of your scent
the way you brush your hair off your shoulders
i can still remember the moment
the first day, the first time that we met
my hair all scraggly, unkept
three days i hadn't slept
then an angel God sent
of course my eyes didn't realize
unwise i started to wise crack behind your back
yet still we became friends
the laughs the smiles never seemed to end
things could never be so perfect and then
something i thought could never happen
happened exactly when
i accidentally kissed you on the cheek
and soon within a week
romance had changed the way we'd speek

we knew things fall apart
it's never the same as the start
even romance can lose it's heart
but could it happen to me?
when a relationship so true can to be
could it really happen to me?
no - i never lost my feelings for you
somethin else changed within you
somethin else that was new
so you turned me away
"i don't want you no more
i don't wanna talk to you" you'd say
so now - i'm alone in my room
tryin not to let the pain consume
and so now i compose this tune
how to not think of you
it's just something i gotta learn to do

12th June 2003


3rd June 2003

karmaslave11:24pm: broken promises - [a poem]
Now I know
What I don't like
No control is chaotic
Oppression is humiliating
Pain is numbing

And premature babies splatter on the concrete floor
Laughter spirals from the darkness
Fluttering away from the street lamps

Reenter the dungeon
Heated sick rises
More laughter
Crazed and tired

Empty feelings
Bile in the back of my throat
And fake laughter emerges from my own lips

Spinning back into normalcy
Into a place where there is no control
Oppression still exists
And a numbness from pain

But the mind is elsewhere
Deep in the dark corners
Thirsting for water and refreshment
Cool this parched body

Blood, sweat
Aching muscles
And the empty laughter
From that haunting place that no one knows
Current Mood: contemplative

24th May 2003

angryfilipino3:21pm: I whisper her name as the sound of her melodic voice resonates within my ears.
I hear her voice gently laugh as I smile
The smile makes life itself stop for a brief moment
Nothing matters for those few seconds of seeing her smile.

The dreams are no longer comprehendible.
Seeking the meanings and inner-sanctum of myself
I tremble and become afraid with the realization of what I can't offer.
The mixed emotions of anger, confusion, happiness, discontent, and frustration run through me like the sterile water from an IV flowing through the veins.

I throw rocks as I throw my heart out in the open.
Wondering why can't my heart be that rock just to ease life itself.
I desire to let myself not care, but find only my own demons to battle with.

In the end the heart always seems to win
No matter if it be good or bad.
It let's you smile as it gives you hope.
But it tears you apart as it brings the dark into your life, after the light as come.

Standing between four black walls without any sense of direction
Constantly looking for the smallest bit of light
I walk in circles without any knowing of what I seek.

I sit and wait for it all to be over
Just as the dreams have came and gone.
I seek peace as I kill myself softly inside.
angryfilipino3:20pm: May 24, 2003
The physical form is a fake facade that we always seem to forget.

The aforementioned fixidea are the mind-forged manacles that remain stuck onto us like a wale's barnacle

It takes several months, years, and sometimes even lifetimes to find our role in this existence.

We blindly eat, sleep, play, and go on with everyday things without looking into ourselves.

We forget, for want or need, that we are humans as we tuck away the emotions and feelings into a broken bottle, in hopes that we can pretend our happiness.

We keep busy to forget our lives, and who we are.

We look @ life as a timeline with certain goals to achieve.

Yet we still wonder about and search for the meanings of our ambitions.

The human race is a race without end, as we tirelessly put efforts into accomplishing nirvana.

We dig our own graves unknowingly as each milestone of life passes.

Let us stop struggling for nothing and search within ourselves the true meaning of life.

Liberate ourselves from the fake facade of the physical form of life.

13th May 2003

durt6:48am: "as the redwood ages"

I, the dead man sleepwalking,
Grindin through mugs of Folger's,
While Poppin No-Doz
as my fingers tremble.
Eyes pulse to the beat
Of books, thicker than the Torah,
Dancing the tango with the
Hardy - Weinberg theorem.
Watson and Crick,
The ambiguously boring duo
Fucking the Virgin and
Cornholing God.
And as redwood ages on,
The condom lies drying
In the wastebasket.

12th May 2003

durt1:52am: Extra Strength Tylenol by Durt

The active ingredient in
Extra Strength Tylenol,
Is a pain reliever.
Uses are listed as
Temporary relief for
Minor aches and pains
Resulting from
Headaches, arthritis,
Toothaches, the common cold,
Menstrual cramps,
and etcetera.

Her symptoms
a broken heart,
overflowing tears,
And heavy breathing.
None of these were
Listed on the label.
I wondered why
She downed the whole bottle.
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10th May 2003

erasethelines9:05pm: interest field
hmm... what else should i put in yellowvoices' interest field to get more people in this community?

5th May 2003

camille144:46pm: newbie
Hi! I just thought I'd drop by and say hi...well, I'm filipino + chinese, and I tend to read a LOT and most of my favorite books are by Amy Tan...she's got such insightful handwriting :D Well...here's to hoping I would gain new friends here! :) *grin*

Current Mood: curious
durt12:45am: hi
hi, i just joined this community.

how do i make a link like u guys to put my writings in?

4th May 2003

jeeyuh2:43pm: zero 3, Balagtasan Collective, & 2Tongues
Don't mind any tangetials in here...I copied and pasted from my overall day post in my own lj, heh...so0o...yea. I'm lonely...anybody wanna be my friend? Hehe...add mee! *cheap and shameless plug* =) /")_("\

Drove to the JACCC...but kinda got lost cuz there was this huge wall in front of the theater..omg...bah! But eh...saw JJ and most of AB's APC there...that was cooli! Uhmm...yea...the show was awesome...weeee!! Hmm...zero 3 was on first...it was like this funky transition..i went from comedic to hella sad...and I was like...aww...bah. I wanted to get one of those "planet poems" for Tiff...but we weren't sitting in the front. =\ (Tiff, I got you a program and a flyer thingy =T All they ahd on sale were Blacklava T-shirts...to which I had no money to afford)..ehh...then the Balagtasan Collective came on..then after intermission, it was I Was Born With Two Tongues!!...aka Two Tongues! Which is sooo much shorter and easier to type!! WOot! Yay!! They did all the oldies I knew...which consisted of "Asian Fetish," "Race & I'm Running," "Excuse Me, America," and ierno what the one with all four of them is called...ehh...the one that goes "Because yellow is beautiful..because brown is beautiful..." ya know..and yea. A lot of gooood newbies...Denniz's voice is like whoa, haha...weee! Yea...then show was overr...

Err...sorry for the cross-post again!! >.< /")_("\
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1st May 2003

jeeyuh5:28pm: Two Tongues
[Please pass this onto any other friends/fam in the soCal area that might be interested in checking out this show in los angeles - it's been a minute since the tongues have been to the left coast! thanks!]

SATURDAY, MAY 3, 2003 /// 8:30PM
The Aratani/Japan America Theatre

@ Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC)
244 South San Pedro Street (between 2nd and 3rd Streets)
General Public: $20 orchestra / $17 balcony
JACCC Members: $16 orchestra / $13 balcony
Students, Groups (10+): $15 orchestra / $13 balcony

The Japanese American Cultural & Community Center is pleased to present Chicago's I Was Born With Two Tongues, one of the hottest young Asian American spoken word ensembles, in a special one-night-only performance!

Over the past few years, spoken word/performance poetry has grown to become a strong conduit of creative expression for this generation of young Asian Pacific Americans. The 2 Tongues are at the forefront of this exciting movement, blending a fiery passion for empowerment with the rhythms of acoustic stand-up bass and mind-twisting wordplay.

Opening for the 2 Tongues are local poetics Balagtasan Collective and spoken word trio, zero 3. Don't miss the 2 Tongues on their only west coast appearance this spring!

For more info, email: yam-@jaccc.org, or visit www.jaccc.org/2tongues

To purchase tickets call:
The George & Sakaye Aratani /Japan America Theatre Box Office (213) 680-3700
Mon. - Sat.,12 noon - 5 pm, Sun. - show days only & evening shows until intermission.
*Parking is located across from the theatre on So. San Pedro St.

Thanks to razz
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30th April 2003

jeeyuh9:19pm: Two Tongues
Sometimes I just can't come up to par, can I?
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bornworhythm2:42pm: Just for emphasis
Hey, just wanted to let everyone in this community know about a non-profit Asian American cultural/arts/activism/community magazine I'm working with called Hyphen. http://www.hyphenmagazine.com. Hopefully some of you will already be familiar with it, but I wanted to post this link up here just in case. We're going to drop our next issue in late June, and to celebrate it, we're having parties both in San Francisco, and New York City. I'll try to keep you all updated on the nitty-gritty details of things.

27th April 2003

itagasabato12:00pm: Upcoming Events (SoCal)
Ok here goes...

[[May 3rd]]
***Margaret Cho at the Wiltern Theater in LA.
*****more info: http://margaretcho.com/tour/wiltern.htm

***I Was Born With 2 Tongues at Japanese American National Museum
****(369 East First Street, Los Angeles, California 90012) Time & Price TBA

[[May 10th]]
***Rap Session, UC Riverside 10am-12noon

***Phillippine Exposition and Trade Show [Rex is performing!]
****more info: http://www.fairplex.com/fp/Calendar/ViewEvent.asp?EventId=328

[[May 17th]]
***Friendship Games at UC Riverside

[[May 30th]]
***Dance hosted by Glendora HS
****$15 @ door, attire is semi formal
*****Claremont Inn, 7:30 - 11:30pm

thanks and come to these events! happy, happy asian american heritage month!

yay for crossposting
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